Justin Von Konsky


My name is Justin. Welcome to my humble abode! I live in the Valley of the Sun with my wife and our daughter.

God has blessed me with amazing opportunities to create content from all around the world. From documenting mission work in Nepal, to Design Sprints at the Golden Gate Conservancy. I’ve worked on many various sets and production houses. With that—I’ve narrowed my portfolio to recent projects that I’ve largely planned, shot, and edited myself.

If you have a moment, I invite you to check out my profile on the home page. My most recent reel is available to view there. If you’re looking for the last “Featurette” I produced, “Primera Baptist Church: 70 Years” is a good sample. If you’re looking for a more “shortdoc/promo” style, then check out my “How to run a Design Sprint the Google Ventures way.” Finally, if you simply want to see my work as a drone pilot please view the “From Above” series.


Some quick housekeeping before you consider me for your future project:

  1. I’m a Christian first and foremost–my vocation flows from my values and beliefs. You can expect nothing less than honest work, crafted to the best of my abilities. Also, I am selective about the content that I produce as well as the days I work (Mon-Sat).

  2. I have recently made the switch to DaVinci Resolve. However, I’ve worked in the Adobe CC Suite since I was 13. I’m proficient in Premiere and capable in After Effects.

  3. I possess a Part 107 UAS Pilot Certification. This allows me to fly drones for commercial reasons and gives insight to ensure FAA compliance.

  4. While I own my drone for shots from above, any other “cinematic content” would require equipment rental. A quote will be supplied upon request.

  5. What’s the goal? To hone and shape my storytelling craft, share compelling content, and network with like-minded individuals to the glory of Christ.

  6. Like what you see here? Let’s get in touch!